Digital Culture & Heritage Talks: E³UDRES² at Spotlight Heritage Timișoara

The Digital Culture & Heritage Talks, an event organized by the Politehnica University of Timișoara through the e-Learning Center and the Multimedia Center, together with the National Museum of Banat and Timișoara Organisation 2023, provided a great space for discussing current trends and projects related to the crossover between artistic practices and digital technology, with a particular focus on the educational and community impact.

Based on the concepts of the Spotlight Heritage Timisoara project and the Timisoara European Capital of Culture 2023 programme, discussions were focused on the way in which digital technologies have contributed to the creation of new territories and stimulated different innovations in cultural production, creative instances, and curatorial practices and museum spaces.

Echoes of the past, signposts to the future

During the event, E³UDRES² lead coordinator Hannes Raffaseder from St. Pölten UAS used the opportunity to give a talk titled "Echoes of the past, signposts to the future". The conference was successful in bringing together a range of cultural, educational, artistic, critical, and scientific perspectives, affording visibility to recent or ongoing development works in various countries. The conference was built as a hybrid event, integrated with the XR Show, structured talks, panel interventions, and practical demonstrations.


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