E.I.N.S. on the Radio: Supporting Start-Ups in Austria and Beyond

Malgorzata Goraczek and Ulrike Wieländer of E.I.N.S. joined radio host Anna Michalski in the studio of Campus & City Radio 94.4 and discussed what it takes for an idea to become a successful start-up. The episode recorded in December 2022 is full of valuable insights and tips for anyone interested in entrepreneurship. "Great things are being created here," says Ulrike Wieländer, who has been involved in supporting start-ups at St. Pölten UAS for some years now. Some of the most successful projects she remembers for example are a company that created sustainable clothing that adapts to size. Another young team worked on data protection for smart devices, and yet another created a shop specialized in sustainable toys for social pedagogy and psychotherapy.

Guiding students on the way to founding a business

The job profile of self-employment is already anchored in all degree programs of St. Pölten UAS, the show points out, providing students with the knowledge and know-how required to start their own businesses. St. Pölten UAS offers various programs that support entrepreneurship for students and graduates, as well as external ones, including E.I.N.S. The European network aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurship competencies and capacities, and it holds open lectures.

Malgorzata Goraczek and Ulrike Wieländer of E.I.N.S. in the Campus & City Radio 94.4 studio. Picture (c) Ramona Mauthner / E³UDRES²

E.I.N.S. project manager, Malgorzata Goraczek, states that the network is not only for students and employees of St. Pölten UAS and all other institutions featured in the network, but for anyone who has founded an innovative company, or is on the way to achieving this goal. Listeners can discover the answers to this question and gain insight into the E.I.N.S. program and other resources available to entrepreneurs.

Listen to the full show here (German):


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