Practicing entrepreneurial and innovative thinking with the "Wicked Architect" Card Game

How can one be entrepreneurial and innovative in a world full of complex challenges? Recently, the E.I.N.S. team organized an online workshop to train professional and academic staff in the “Wicked Architect” Conversation Card Game, designed by Lotte Ovaere and Katrien Vandael, both researchers in the field of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UC Leuven-Limburg UAS. 

The challenges the world faces today are urgent and complex. Issues like global warming, ageing populations, and poverty are all “wicked” challenges - this means that they are systemic and connected between themselves. There is no clear pathway to solve these wicked challenges, in order to be tackled, these challenges demand for courageous, insightful and inspirational people. Change agents look for solutions together and are willing to stand up and take action. These change agents are what E.I.N.S. calls “Wicked Architects”. 

Navigating a complex world

A related challenge is the fact that many entrepreneurs and innovators have difficulties finding their way in this complex world, and want to do things differently, but don’t really know how. By playing the Wicked Architect conversation card game, they have the chance to discover that they probably are more of a Wicked Architect than they would have imagined. By applying the technique of “Storyweaving”, the participants have meaningful conversations about themselves, their passions, their dreams and are inspired to take action. This way, change occurs instantly and deep connections between Wicked Architects are built.  

During an online workshop at the end of April, as well as during the UIIN Conference in Budapest in May 2023, participants had the chance to try out the card game themselves and experience new ways of tackling problems. Anyone that would like to learn if they are a Wicked Architect themselves, or organize a Wicked Architect workshop, is invited to contact Lotte Ovaere of the E.I.N.S. team at UC Leuven Limburg UAS for more information. 


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