E³UDRES² Goes New York: Sharing the E³UDRES² Experience In The USA

Between the 17 and 21 of July, part of the E³UDRES² team was greeted by the skyscrapers of New York instead of campus buildings: Gabriele Permoser and Michal Karpišek of St. Pölten UAS, and Roger Heijmans of UC Leuven-Limburg UAS represented E³UDRES² at various international events hosted by the OECD in collaboration with other institutions in New York.

The events focused on the crucial role Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) can play in achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by collaborating with local and regional governments and communities to address critical challenges such as digitalization, climate change, and inequalities. Moreover, they also examined how entrepreneurial HEIs can respond to societal innovation needs, support new actors and organizations, and enhance the impact of innovation and regional development policies in order to achieve growth. Additionally, they highlighted the crucial role of universities in nurturing and fostering entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Gabriele Permoser (St. Pölten UAS; left) representing E³UDRES² on a panel during one of the OECD events in New York.

Insights into E³UDRES² experiences

E³UDRES² representatives were able to share good practices and the experience of the University Alliance with other stakeholders from all over the world within a framework of roundtable discussions. Moreover, during their visit to America, the alliance members took the opportunity to explore the approach to higher education and entrepreneurship at Cornell University. Cornell, known for its entrepreneurial spirit, presented a unique perspective that further enriched the experiences of the visiting scholars. Next to that, the group had the opportunity do visit some sights and get to know “the city that never sleeps” a bit better.

The international exposure garnered through these OECD events, combined with their visit to Cornell University, has undoubtedly expanded the horizons of the E³UDRES² alliance and provided an exceptional platform to exchange insights with renowned experts, academics, and policymakers from around the world.


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