European Universities Drive Innovation Together With Coalition of the Willing

Universities and universities of applied sciences are important ecosystems for connecting education with innovation. This is also strongly recognized by the European Commission: Commissioner Mariya Gabriel recently brought together representatives of European Universities with the "Coalition of the Willing", a conglomerate of several companies, business agencies and more, all related to the European Innovation Agenda.The aim of connecting those players is to bring together innovation hubs in universities with start-ups and companies. Through this collaboration, they shall be enabled to share ideas and identify joint possibilities for activites.

Driving Innovation in Europe

E³UDRES² participated in the meeting through the attendance of alliance lead Hannes Raffaseder, who co-presented an idea for a hub focusing especially on entrepreneuship. Raffaseder also took the virtual stage to present a concept for a "Digital Hub", aiming to push advanced digital skills and enhance a european digital culture that encourages thinking outside the box. This Digital Hub should also support in promoting an inclusive and open access to technology, and share expertise and good practice examples.

In a post shared on social media, commissioner Gabriel thanked all participants for sharing their ideas for universities and the private sector to deepen collaboration. These newly founded hubs would be an important step to pool knowledge and resources, and drive innovation locally and nationally, she added. The hubs would include representatives from university alliances, innovation ecosystem partners and members of the Coalition of the Willing. Their activities will focus on key themes such as green and digital transition, STEM education, innovative teaching methods, inclusive education and entrepreneurship. In June, a roadmap with concrete activities and next steps will be presented, and the newly collaborating hubs should start their work already this summer.


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