Welcome Family at UCLL Belgium

For the Family Days and the Integration meetings for non-academic staff, the E³UDRES² Team at UC Leuven-Limburg UAS invited several stakeholders to attend a transformative European workshop focusing on purpose-driven innovation. The meetings reinforced the goal of the alliance of nine European universities aims to create smart, multidisciplinary collaborations, transcending national borders, and to maximize the collective potential.

Kick-off at the greenhouse

The event started on 24 May at the Serre (Dutch for Greenhouse) where all participants were welcomed by Roger Heijmans, Hannes Raffaseder, Michal Karpisek & Kim Plevoets. On 25 and 26 May 2023, the team organized parallel workshops for two distinct target groups. The first group - composed of Work Package Leads and potential co-workers from all Work Packages - engaged in discussions and reflection on the first phase of the E³UDRES² project. These workshops covered lessons learned, challenges, opportunities, next steps for sustainability and strategies for sharing results.

UCLL also invited Ilse Fraussen and Annelies Schrooten of D-EMIND - the Erasmus funded project for ‘Promoting digital entrepreneurial mindset in Higher Education’. The main aim of the D-EMIND project is to design, develop and test a digital challenge-based learning methodology, strategies and tools for promoting entrepreneurial mindset in Higher Education. D-EMIND is a cooperation between Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain), Chamber of Commerce and Industry Csongrad-Csanad County, (Hungary), Hochschule Dusseldorf (Germany), University College of Northern Denmark and UC Limburg (Belgium).

The Atom Model - a flexible model based on the design thinking method – is a fantastic tool to apply challenge based learning, including activities to use in your classroom. On the website you can already find the methodology. The training pack and the MOOC are under construction and will be finalized by the end of this year. On our digital platform – to be released this summer - stakeholders can post challenges and international teams of students and teachers will be able to work together in an effective way, solving the challenges.

Follow D-EMIND on LinkedIn for more information about the upcoming releases.

Strenghtening the network

Simultaneously, the Integration meetings for non-academic staff were held for the second group. Work Package 2 management and supporting staff from all partners in the alliance gathered their insights on the future European University. This workshop addressed topics such as quality assurance, education, and educational organization.

By combining these two groups during the UCLL events, we aimed to foster a collaborative and inclusive environment. Hereby we stimulate innovation and collaboration.

Thank you to Roger, Michal, Szuszanna Heltai, Henny Oude Maatman, Danique van den Bergh, Nathalie Morren for their presentations and leading various workshops.

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