Student Teams Explored Food-Related Challenges in E³UDRES² Bootcamp 2023

The much-awaited E³UDRES² Bootcamp 2023 kicked off in the capital of lake Balaton, Keszthely, Hungary between 3-7July 2023. Within the framework of the event, 30 selected international students of nine E³UDRES² institutions worked in five teams on co-creating concepts revolving around the topic of future food. Students searched for solutions to pre-defined challenges with field experts from E³UDRES² institutions and Hungarian stakeholders. The task of the five project teams was to develop business plans and introduce solutions not only in terms of business opportunities, but also in terms of their impact on the environment and society.

Finding the perfect match

The teams were previously formed by a talent test algorithm allowing them to successfully cooperate. All teams also were onboarded in an online preparation phase prior to the event, where they had expert sessions on time management, creative and brainstorming methods, conflict management, business canvas and intercultural communication. Being well-prepared, the student teams then worked on the following five challenges:

  • Creating an artificial intelligence app for reducing food waste

  • Designing a tool for discovering sweet treats that consider restrictions like allergies or intolerance

  • Creating reusable food packaging

  • Combatting food waste through food sharing, learning new recipes and donating food

  • Designing a sustainability score for products to help consumers make better choices

The Bootcamp participants enjoyed their one-week stay at Lake Balaton, Hungary.

Discovering Hungary

The beautiful location of Keszthely added an extra value to the efficient teamwork at the Bootcamp: Students and staff got recharged and inspired by typical Hungarian outdoor activities like for example a sunset boat tour, lake-side cycling, hiking in Balaton-Uplands, tasting wines of Badacsony region at MATE Research Institute of Viticulture and Oenology, learning some folk dances by MATE Forduló Ensemble, and watching the competition of hundreds of sailing boats of Blue Ribbon Regatta as well as enjoying a local festival. In the second half of the Bootcamp week, the student teams were also visited by local TV station Keszthely TV, which covered their activities and also interviewed some students. During the closing press conference of the intensive Bootcamp, the head of the MATE Innovation Centre, Balázs Huszthy, gave more insights to the media about the E³UDRES² Bootcamp. He also emphasized the aim of E³UDRES² of becoming a driving force for the development of smart and sustainable regions and focuses on open and engaged knowledge exchange. The Bootcamp was part of this concept, where the challenges of future and present food industry were discussed, with a special focus on sustainability, innovation and the role of artificial intelligence, emphasized Director of MATE Institute of Food Science and Technology, Dr. László Friedrich. He added that the programme was an excellent demonstration that young people in these fields have very creative and usable ideas.

solving challenges together

"Just like it's first edition in Austria in 2022, also this year's E³UDRES² Bootcamp was an excelled showcase of how valuable it is to bring people from different backgrounds together to work on a common challenge. It is incredible what our student teams came up with in the time of just one week", states the organizing team of the E³UDRES² Bootcamp happily. Also the stakeholders who brought in the challenges were satisfied with the results: Innomine DIH Nonprofit Ltd., Lissé Édességgyár Ltd., Munch Europe, the National Chamber of Agriculture and Supp.li Ltd. were among the Hungarian organisations that participated in the week-long programme and were also catalysts for the effective work.

The Bootcamp 2023 in (moving) pictures

Get a glimpse into the E³UDRES² Bootcamp 2023 through our interviews with student teams and specialists, as well as through the event pictures below:


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