I Living Labs On-Air: E³UDRES²-member Lisa Recnik and Student Lidia Goro at CampusTalk

The CampusTalk is a regular show on Campus & City Radio 94.4 - a Austrian radio station located on the campus of St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. On 21 February 2023, Lisa Recnik, member of the organizing team of the E³UDRES² I Living Labs, and IT-Security student Lidia Goro, a participant of the 2022 I Living Labs, visited the studio to talk all things I Living Labs live on-air.

Expanding your network & working in different time zones

Talking about the E³UDRES² Alliance and the concept of the I Living Labs, student Lidia shared her experience working in an international group with team members from Austria, Belgium, Portugal and Romania by self-organising the team and overcoming time zone issues. Participating in the event also enabled her to grow her network - one of the best memories Lidia shared was how she met and chatted with CEOs of start-ups during the I Living Lab local week, and how she is still in touch with them even now. This also gave her great insights into the way entrepreneurs work and succeed in their endeavours.

One unexpected outcome of taking part in an I Living Lab, Lidia shared, was that she got the opportunity to practice soft skills that she knew in theory, but never had the chance to use before. It also helped her embrace different ways of thinking, she explained. She still thinks back on the results of her team's project and is still in touch with her team members. Now, they already plan to pitch their idea to further audiences.

Program Assistant Sophia Olesko, I Living Lab Participant Lidia Goro, E³UDRES² team member Lisa Recnik and radio host Dave Dempsey at the CR94.4 studio.

Sharing personal highlights

During the show, Lidia also talked about the highlight of her I Living Lab journey: The format gave her the chance to use her ways of being creative and empathic. This also then shaped the name of her team's project. Her motivation to take part in the I Living Lab started out with a recommendation by friends, but once she discovered more information about the event, she felt like she really needed to be a part of it. During the local week, she got spontaneously interviewed by a journalist for a local TV channel, and she even was on the news, Lidia shared happily. The day after, an elderly couple on the street even recognised her from the news, she laughed.

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