Strategic Meetings in Portugal signal a promising start to the year for E³UDRES²

The month of February was marked by strategic meetings at the Polytechnic of Setúbal (IPS), which received international visitors from partner institutions within the scope of the E³UDRES² alliance. The secretary general of the alliance, Michal Karpíšek, was in a meeting with the President of IPS, Ângela Lemos, where the next steps of this ambitious collaborative process were outlined. Also participating were Professors Luísa Carvalho, Rodrigo Lourenço and Raquel Barreira, key members of the academic team responsible for the connection between the Polytechnic of Setúbal and the E³UDRES² alliance. During the meeting, features that will shape the future of the alliance were discussed, with the aim of establishing priorities for the next year and developing a joint trajectory towards growth and innovation.

Michal Karpíšek also met with the Portuguese team that is part of WP10, responsible for Interaction, Impact and Dissemination of E³UDRES². During a conversation, the team led by Professor Susana Galvão, from the School of Business Sciences/IPS, discussed a communication strategy under development. Together, they explored the nuances of E³UDRES²'s main communication issues, consolidating the plan designed to promote effective communication aligned with the alliance's objectives.

Michal Karpisek (St. Pölten UAS), Rodrigo Lourenço, Raquel Barreira, and Luisa Carvalho (all Polytechnic University of Setúbal) discussing E³UDRES² matters at the meeting in Portugal.

The E³UDRES² Talent Funnel

Other working groups met in Portugal this month to define crucial steps for the future of the alliance. The team working on the topic of "Quality and Evaluation" focuses on identifying, weighing, and measuring recent (or future) results and objectives. The members of working group "Smart Learners" worked together at the Polytechnic of Setúbal, collaborating synergistically in the development of the “Talent Funnel”. The latter is a system of actions that offers interconnected formats of interdisciplinary learning. The Talent Funnel is of great importance in the current phase of E³UDRES², which focuses efforts on providing students and researchers with greater flexibility in learning and developing skills.

By joining forces and sharing ideas, the visit and the meetings strengthened ties between the Polytechnic and the E³UDRES² alliance. Face-to-face meetings were crucial at the beginning of the year, inspiring teams and driving joint advancement in the educational and scientific scenario.


➝ Polytechnic University of Setúbal


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