Student Teams Presented Their Concepts in Successful I Living Lab Showdown

On 31 May 2023, it was once again time for the I Living Lab Showdown - the event celebrating the I Living Lab journey of hundreds of E³UDRES² students that worked on solutions for challenges from various areas. Showcasing a great collaborative spirit, innovative thinking, and problem-solving abilities of the students, the event was a great end to the Spring edition of the I Living Labs. The event not only celebrates cultural diversity but also serves as a testament to the power of international collaboration in addressing global challenges.

Fostering International Collaboration

The I Living Lab Showdown brings together students from the E³UDRES² universities, promoting cross-cultural collaboration and knowledge exchange. Participants come from different backgrounds with distinct academic expertise, allowing for a diverse range of ideas and perspectives. This melting pot of cultures and disciplines creates an enriching environment that fosters creativity and innovation. By actively encouraging collaboration between individuals with varying backgrounds, the event breaks down barriers and encourages the development of holistic and comprehensive solutions to complex challenges.

Student moderators hosting the event and sharing the experience from the past weeks. Picture (c) Ramona Mauthner / E³UDRES²

Real-World Challenges and Solutions

The heart of the I Living Lab Showdown lies in the challenges that the participants tackle. These challenges are carefully selected to reflect pressing global issues in areas such as sustainability, technology, healthcare, social welfare and more. Students are organized into teams and work on a specific challenge throughout the weeks leading up to the Showdown. During the Showdown, they get the chance to reflect on their experience, share what they have learned, and show their solutions.

The I Living Lab Showdown provides a unique opportunity for international students to apply their classroom learning to real-world challenges. It bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation, allowing participants to witness the direct impact of their ideas and solutions. The event encourages students to think critically, collaborate with teammates, and consider the global implications of their work. It serves as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, as students develop essential skills such as project management, effective communication, teamwork, and presentation abilities.

Find the concept posters created by the student teams in this year's I Living Labs here:

➝ Posters on challenges connected to the topic of "Wellbeing & Active Ageing"

➝ Posters on challenges connected to the topic of "Circular Economy"

➝ Posters on challenges connected to the topic of "Human Contribution to Artificial Intelligence"


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