Successful E³UDRES² Citizen Science Conference in Portugal

The first-ever E³UDRES² Citizen Science Conference, taking place from 29-30 June 2023, boasted a diverse and engaging program, comprising captivating keynotes, interactive workshops, and ample networking prospects for all participants. It served as a remarkable platform for researchers and community members to exchange ideas and knowledge, showcasing how citizen science can be harnessed to tackle the intricate challenges of our time.

Furthermore, the event was proud to host the 2nd Sustainable Fair of the Polytechnic of Setúbal. This unique fair featured donated items sold at symbolic prices, and the proceeds from these sales were dedicated to a charitable cause, specifically, APPACDM of Setúbal. This charitable initiative added a compassionate touch to the event, underscoring its commitment to making a positive impact on the local community.

The flea market was visited by many interested conference participants.

Empowering Citizen Science: Unveiling a World of Opportunities
- Day One of the Conference

The event commenced with a dedicated day focused on introducing the central theme and emphasizing the significance of citizen science in addressing both local and global challenges. Participants delved into an in-depth exploration of the topic, seeking new avenues to expand the boundaries of knowledge in this domain. A lively poster session provided a platform for attendees to share their research, fostering an atmosphere of enthusiasm and active participation. The event witnessed a diverse mix of researchers, students, and community members, all eager to engage in and contribute to various science projects.

The highlight of the first day was a keynote from Cristina Luís from the University of Lisbon, who is part of the promotion team of the Portuguese Citizen Science Network and coordinates a research project on the history of citizen science in Portugal.

The second keynote was delivered by Joana Lobo Antunes from the University of Lisbon. In her inspiring talk, she urged researchers to embrace a more accessible approach to presenting their findings. Encouraging the use of simpler language, she emphasized the importance of making research communication comprehensible to all. With this shift, the future holds the promise of research language being inclusive and understandable for everybody.

Joana Lobo Antunes (University of Lisbon) highlighted the importance of research becoming more accessible.

Georg Vogt from St. Pölten UAS presented his research project "Engaging Archives: Local History, Living Archives, and Citizen Science" at the poster session. In recent years, citizen-run local digital archives have experienced an "interactive turn" with platforms like "Topothek," making archival work accessible to the public and fostering citizen science motivation by allowing people to organize, collect, and contextualize artifacts. The University of Applied Science St. Pölten has collaborated with various partners on two projects that address the challenge of opening collections for dialogue and discussion in different ways.

Unleashing the Synergy of Science and Citizens - Day Two Of The Conference

On the second day of the event, participants had the chance to not only reflect on the knowledge gained from the previous day but also showcase their projects. These presentations effectively demonstrated how science and citizens collaborate in a mutually beneficial manner, acting as a powerful driving force for social and environmental transformation.

The research topics covered a wide range of areas, including VR gym games, waste management in local municipalities, and the combination of neurofeedback with citizen science research. The PowerPoint presentations used during the conference will also be made available for later reference at the end of this article.

Book of Abstracts

All contributions to the EUDRES Citizen Science Conference were collected in a Book of Abstracts. It is available for download here.

The E³UDRES² Citizen Science Conference in Pictures

Get a glimpse into the E³UDRES² Citizen Science Conference 2023 through the event pictures below:


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