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What is a photo voice?

The photovoice method (Wang et al., 1998; Sutton-Brown, 2014) is a way for citizens to identify and document good practices and challenges that they meet in their daily life within their region by means of photography. It is a means to communicate about personal and community concerns, exposing social problems and igniting bottom-up social change. Needs and good practices gathered by the photovoice are a starting point for further research projects, and informing both regional and European policies.

A photo voice is a study is launched by the Change cornEr, through the social media of E³UDRES². In a photo voice challenge, participants are asked to take pictures from their daily life, based on certain topics. The submitted pictures are presented in the E³UDRES² institutions, on the E³UDRES² website, and the E³UDRES² social media to raise awareness about circular economy.

Current photo voice challenge

How can you participate?

Take a picture of a good practice or challenge related to the current circular economy topic

Share it with us on our social media. Use the hashtag #EUDRESchangecorner and tag E³UDRES² on LinkedIn, on Facebook, or on Instagram.

OR if you don't want to share your pictures on social media, you can email your pictures to

AND you can win fun and sustainable prizes for your submission!

Please share this with colleagues, students, citizens, stakeholders since we want to see as much challenges and good practices from our E³UDRES² community as possible and make the E³UDRES² community grow. 

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