A immersive VR exergame to promote physical activity

VirtualGym is one of the three internal research projects that have been developed within the E³UDRES² Alliance. It is part of the research network "Wellbeing & Active Ageing".

The Concept

The level of physical activities is directly linked to health conditions, well being of persons and labor productivity. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality. Existing solutions of Virtual Reality for physical activities is not providing any element of socializing during the physical remote exercises. But socializing is a significant element for human well-being.

The solution VirtualGym offers focuses on the prevention of the above stated medical and mental conditions by means of a VR platform to increase physical activity level and to increase socialization in the population with sedentary lifestyle. The platform provides an unique and holistic approach to the physical and mental aspects possible to realize in remote conditions.


Target group

People with a sedentary lifestyle

Main aim

Increasing the physical exercise levels of the target group


  1. To develop a socially inclusive VR solution for patients with sedentary lifestyle which allows them to perform individualized physical exercises in line with clinical guidelines [26];

  2. To validate the prototype by assessing the biomechanical and physiological parameters in four different countries using different experimental set-up;

  3. To explore the acceptability, usability of the VR solution (mixed methods);

  4. To assess the impact of using the VR solution: studies before and after physical exercise.

 Research questions of this project

Can we develop a VR-based game which allows to train cardiovascular fitness?

Is a VR system able to increase the physical activity parameters?

Can we develop a VR-based bio-feedback game which allows to reach diabetes population advised cardiovascular/physical activity level?

Do people feel more motivated and feel more enjoyment when using the multi-group VR system?

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